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Getting to Solutions Now

In our business climate now, rapid analysis and action is crucial. Use the techniques and tools of BI to cut to the chase:

  • What metrics are important?
  • What items need to be monitored and improved?
  • What items are distractions?

BI brought to bear in a timely fashion can help answer these key questions.

York Group BI partners with leading-edge software vendors such as BOARD BI & CPM and Jedox AG to provide solutions to customers.

Example 1 - Planning

A global manufacturer based in New England sought to replace a labor-intensive Excel annual planning process with a modern, efficient process. Using York Group expertise and Jedox software, they replaced three large (10 MB) multi-tab workbooks with a simplified 3-spreadsheet panel web process housed on their centralized Jedox server. The new application offers top-down, bottom-up planning with managerial approvals and workflow tracking. The new application reduced:

  • Preparation time by 60%
  • Training time by 80%
  • Tracking calls by 90%
  • Consolidation time by 100%
But most importantly; the manufacturer:
  • Increased the product lines planned, from 1 to 6
  • Transformed an annual headquarters exercise into a quarterly management tool
  • Built a management performance matrix for faster, better-informed decision making

Example 2 - Savings Forecasting/Cost Controls

A large multi-national insurance company based in the New York area was seeking a global cost-control tracking and forecasting/reporting system. The system started out as a spreadsheet and quickly grew into a 2 FTE job. Each new request for information resulted in the same response: “That will take a few days”.

Using York Group expertise and Jedox software, they replaced the large, global, multi-tab workbooks with a simplified 4-spreadsheet panel web process located on their centralized Jedox server. The application now tracks 23 key attributes for all global projects over a 5-year period, accounting for changes in FX rates, local country inflation rates and capital project cost. This application is now reviewed daily by the CEO and Chairman on their iPads.

This company is now starting up Jedox/Excel Competency Centers in multiple locations worldwide.

Example 3 - Reporting Competency Center

A small but fast-growing bio-tech firm in California needed a timely reporting and budgeting tool to unlock the data in their QuickBooks ERP system. They were trapped in a monthly reporting cycle with reports available only 21 days after the close of the month.

Using York Group expertise and Jedox software, they replaced the limited, monthly QuickBooks reports with a near real-time reports system that has a 5 minutes posting frequency. Salesman, customer, inventory and financial reports are now available in near real-time in both Excel and web-based formats. (For more information on QuickBooks ERP reporting systems, click here.)

A senior accounting analyst has become the primary power-user, quickly responding to the organization’s reporting needs. In coordination with York Group, he is designing and implementing the company’s new budgeting and planning application.

Using York Group expertise and Jedox software, they are also planning an upgrade to a new ERP, using Jedox for:

  • Modeling the new chart of accounts
  • Contiguous/consolidated reporting, combining old QuickBooks data with the new ERP data
  • Budget versus Actual reporting across multiple years and ERP systems
Jedox in North America

York Group BI Certified by Jedox in North America.

The York Group is a leading developer of Palo Open Source applications in North America.


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