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Accelerate Informed Decision Making with Mobile BI

Mobile…”real-time or near real-time exception reporting, ... means the difference between a well-aimed decision and shooting from the hip.“ -- from "SMB Exploring Growth", a study by Aberdeen Group.

The ability to see data on the go, anyplace, anytime enables executives and front-line personnel to make decisions faster and respond to customers more rapidly. Now, data appears not only on desktops and laptops, but also on tablets and smartphones. This is the essence of mobile BI.

Another study by Aberdeen in March 2012, entitled “Mobile BI 2012: Accelerating Business on the Move” highlights the huge benefits of mobile BI.

Rapid Decisions

The Aberdeen study says, “On average, managers in organizations that use mobile BI are able to make decisions in almost one-third of the time that it takes managers who don’t use mobile BI.” This is especially helpful for those who have time-critical decisions. According to Aberdeen, a majority of managers have found the timeframe within which they have to respond to events is shrinking steadily.

Who’s Getting Mobile BI?

First and foremost, executives who make decisions.

But use is also growing among field personnel, since it ups engagement with customers, keeps customers happier, and in the end enhances sales.

Mobile BI as a Competitive Tool

Aberdeen sees mobile BI as a “competitive differentiator for more and more organizations”.

Jedox Delivers Mobile BI

Here’s a look at the Jedox Mobile AdHoc 2 app on Apple's iPad:

Use it to create custom reports and analyses from Jedox Suite. The app can also be used to edit and enter budget data, supporting the entire budget–analysis–reporting process.

"Jedox Mobile AdHoc 2 turns the iPad into a comprehensive tool for planning, reporting, and analysis," explains Matthias Krämer, Chief Technical Officer of Jedox AG: "Our users are no longer consumers of predefined information. Now, they can create reports as needed or enter or adjust budget figures in the planning process".

Jedox Mobile AdHoc 2.0 Highlights

  • Dashboard builder for custom reports and analysis
  • Write-back feature for real-time planning and budgeting
  • Integration of geographical data: measures from multiple locations at one glance through Google Maps
  • Multiple selection to directly choose up to four measures for immediate ad-hoc reporting
  • Reports for multiple data providers

How to Acquire the Jedox Mobile Apps

Native Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, and "Mobile Skins" for all browsers from the Jedox website:


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